Our Service

Leads Clinic offers qualified, pre-vetted leads and loan applications to lending partners so that they can concentrate on their core function; to provide good loans to consumers.

We provide real value to both our consumers and lending partners – our solution leads to direct savings on both marketing and sales. By partnering with Leads Clinic, our partners can grow without increasing marketing budgets. Our highly cost-efficient solution for lead generation gives you access to a steady stream of loan applications that you can access smartly. 

Client Acquisition

We benefit from an internationally acclaimed multi-channel acquisition process - which translates into efficiency for your business.

Client Validation

Receive applications that meet your requirements - don't spend time and money on the rest.

Ease of Use

With our solution, your loan handlers can quickly access and take action on applications. No need for long training sessions.



At Leads Clinic, we believe all consumers should make financial decisions with confidence. We work with financial institutions to create a transparent environment where consumers get the information required to take fruitful decisions. 

As a leading player within distribution of financial products across Africa, we create the efficiency required to further increase financial inclusion.

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Contact us for a Trial

We work successfully with both Main Street banks and smaller financial institutions. If you want to efficiently increase the quality or quantity of incoming applications, we can set up a trial for your company. Contact us at info (at) leadsclinic.com for more information.